What can you find behind a courtyard in our favorite neighborhood in Bucharest

One possible answer, especially if you choose to take a guided tour with us, is that behind a courtyard in our favorite neighborhood in Bucharest you can find a quiet and welcoming garden, where you can enjoy a good coffee or a local craft beer, while the owner tells the stories of his childhood’ streets.

Aside from a black tablet with its name on it, WeCafe does not have a sign outside, nor does it advertise on social media.

You could say it’s wishful thinking, but we say it’s maybe the healthy model for building a family business nowadays.

My idea is to invest in the product, not in the social networks. And for people to find out about us, I rely on word of mouth. That’s why I didn’t even want to put a sign out”, says Adrian, the owner.

He started seven years ago, with a small mobile espresso bar that used to go to festivals and events. The number of customers grew organically and remained loyal.

Adrian built his audience easily and safely over time, without being rushed or pressed by any deadline.

The next step was WeCafe, the place with an interior where you can easily find many interesting design pieces, a welcoming terrace which is well hidden from the eyes of passers-by.

Probably the biggest challenge so far has been finding people to work with.

They didn’t necessarily have a problem of seriousness, but rather of involvement, says Adrian. 

Why coming here?

No matter when you come here, you can be sure that you will always enjoy the silence. The garden is far from the noise of the main streets around and Adrian says he never organizes parties or events here. 

Try: specialty coffee, a local craft beer (the only one on the menu) or a large carafe with lemonade. 

Bonus: Hugo, the grey French Bulldog, will melt your heart.

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