The soul of a city is its locals

The soul of a city is its locals:

They feel it, taste it, destroy it, design it and bring it back to life.

The soul of a city is not the most popular meeting point, but rather its secret passages and stairs, tiny churches or serene old quarters.

So, to get to know the real deal, Bucharest in it’s rawness, we have designed along with our local hosts various experiences that will offer you different perpesctives over the city and it’s people. 

At first sight, Bucharest looks like an agglomeration of mottled buildings that do not seem to have any urban logic.

You could be forgiven for being, let’s say… a little bit confused.

Looking closely, one will see clusters of Art Deco buildings mixed up with the remains of the 19th century houses, all against the backdrop of communist blocks.

All this lack of urban planning is what makes Bucharest alive, special and very attractive for tourists of all ages. 

Nowadays, we, the locals, learn how to accept the consequences of our past and some of us (not only that) try to builtd a new identity of our city, but also pass it on to anyone who wants to discover its complex layers.

Many small family businesses (coffee shops, bistros and pubs, street food stalls and beer brewers) have flourished in recent years and we will get you there, tell you their stories and have you taste their products. 

So, allow yourself a moment to get lost with a host!

The soul of a city is its locals -
The soul of a city is its locals -
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