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Instahood stories tour

Some people call this neighbourhood the Montmartre of Bucharest (because of its beautiful 19th century architecture) but we believe in calling a spade a spade and a fig a fig.

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The soul of a city is its locals: they feel it, taste it, design it, destroy it and bring it back to life.

Mahallopolis tour

We all want to hold in the everlasting gaze. A tour for the curious, the bold and the spirited.

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Wine country tour

This is a unique experience that will leave your senses and palate in awe! The region is best known for its exceptional reds, but whites and rosés are equally glorious.



Bucharest Chronicles

Our route story to the Palace of the Parliament, while discovering the Old Town.




The Mahallopolis guided tour is an experience for the curious, the bold, and the spirited.
"We visited different quarters and areas of Bucharest, as well as a former military fort and communist prison.
At the end of the day we heard stories on one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.
Our guide made sure we were comfortable at all times and supplies us with drinks, snacks and pizza.
This was so much more than just a tourist tour, this was an honest insight into the history and culture of Romania and its people.

A real plus is how flexible 'Local Hosts' are:
They fitted our schedule and adjusted to the wishes of our group very easily.
The whole day felt like a tailored-made tour just for us, which is quite different from an ordinary tourist tour.
Even afterwards, we received a follow-up mail with some pictures and background information.
This is a complete experience, unlike anything else you'll find in Bucharest!"

Local Hosts - Guided tours in Bucharest

We turn tourists into locals and locals into tourists

Great experiences are not built on big data, but on the small details captured spontaneously. Browsing through them is what makes a city feel alive and be remembered. Our drive is to make guests click with the hosts from the communities and to deliver a true offline experience. Also, we know that during a tour it's best to take a refreshment stop! Thus, we have spiced up all our experiences with local bites, drinks & cool links. Allow yourself to get lost with one of our Local Hosts and we look forward to welcoming you to the Good, the Bad - and if we may - the Tasty in Bucharest. Join us for a different experience in small groups and off the beaten path views!

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